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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fiction in the Latest Big Bridge

The fiction editor of the web journal Big Bridge, Vernon Frazer, has outdid himself. The present issue is filled with fascinating stories. Over the next several weeks I will be interviewing some of the writers and posting the interviews. Note: several of these writers I have known for years, and some are friends. I also have some stories published in this journal.

That said, part of the reason we are friends and in this journal together is that we have been developing and discussing our writing with each other for years.

The first interview is with Ann Bogle. Read her stories "The House Coat," "Mugabe Western," and "Work On What Has Been Spoiled" here. (Scroll down.) The interview assumes that you have read the stories. Ann has published widely in a variety of fiction journals over the years. She is a thoughtful and insightful person, who quietly and carefully picks her words, not with the desire to impress, but to fathom. Some of her ideas, such as the class divisions within families, are fascinating.

Listen to the interview (Podcast 6) here.

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