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Thursday, September 10, 2009

One More Thing About the Gates Arrest

I believe the definitive statement has been made about the fiasco that was the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Bob Herbert of the New York Times in a column points out "the 911 call came in at about 12:45 on the afternoon of July 16 and, as The Times has reported, Mr. Gates was arrested, cuffed and about to be led off to jail by 12:51."

All Gates has been accused of is yelling at a police officer, not threatening him, not even swearing at him.

It is legal to yell at a police officer, particularly if you are minding your own business in your own home.

And he could only have been yelling at most for a couple minutes.

There is no argument: nobody should be hauled off in handcuffs only minutes after a vague report is called in and no evidence of wrongdoing is found.

Please read the Herbert column.

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