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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stephen Paul Martin "Changing the Subject"

This is an interesting concept for a group of short stories: somewhere in each one of them Martin buries the line "changing the subject." The contexts vary, but in each story they appear.

As usual, these Martin stories are hilarious, philosophically rich, absorbing, and just plain fun. As he contineues in his career, it seems to me, Martin is developing the ability to make his philosophically complex stories more and more accessible (and that's a compliment). He has created quite an oeuvre of books like this, and a selected stories by him would be an absolute killer. He is at the forefront of American storytellers.


  1. Stephen-Paul Martin has got to be one of the finest and most interesting short fiction writers America has generated within the last few decades. He has been publishing various modes of language-creation with small presses for years and come into a skillful mastery in his fifth decade of life on planet USA. He is a singular spark among conventional and lightless writing.