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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Unhinged and Inconsequential

leaving aside the antiquated
and little known substituting
the lithe and liquid
the intrepid and barely correct
this could have gone
only several several ways
and went in another direction
entirely because no decision
allows a shadow
past a certain instant:
the clothes came
from their drawers today
and the room became theirs
they waltzed and fox-trotted
wondered at the corners
of the walls and ceiling
determined the floor
was as insubstantial as doors
unhinged and inconsequential
when the lipid and insufferable
cries its way home
to give all a new site
for the background and fluidity
before it:
the tools paraded down
the block today
hammers and pliers
screwdrivers and socket wrenches
bouncing their way toward
an arbitrarily designated
end point where all leapt
from their joy back
into a box almost as unhinged
and disorganized as a useless door
issuing its poor cry across canyons
of indecisiveness
but then again
anything can happen
like the day enveloping
itself into a neon spray
let go at the nadir of night

                                           — Jefferson Hansen

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