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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Meditating Cougar

The meditating cougar didn't bother
with the elk when it shuffled by
so close and easy, so available;
it did simply nothing, seeing and hearing
nothing, eyes unfocused and ears
not discerning, a world gone soft,
soft. The meditating cougar may turn
its head to look not here, to hear not
there, with no wondering available,
a full stomach and a mind hidden
and supple, muscles thick and relaxed.
An old beaver died for this meditation.
Perhaps it is worth it. The day's were
numbered. And now the cougar becomes
so much more than its pettiness,
sitting quietly beyond simple earthly
wishes, doing its thing, after satiation.


  1. Jeff @ Experimental Fiction / Poetry

    I was unable to send to you an email (it failed to send for some reason), so I thought to post my message for you here...

    By the way, this piece is most enjoyable, I live next to the Canadian Rockies, so this really clears the fog of my fearful imagination with some cutting imagery, I love the idea of a predator experiencing the ease of relaxed gives a sense of the intense potency of nature.

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  2. This sounds so interesting. I will definitely check out the book, and the youtube. Please stay tuned at