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Friday, March 16, 2012


After months of trying, I finally broke back into this blog. Thank goodness! While this has been lying dormant and useless, a number of you wrote gracious comments I couldn't respond to--I didn't even know they existed. I respond to each and every one below.

Also, I have started a new blog somewhat in the spirit of this one: This blog will go dormant, and I will repost some of what appears here at the new one.

It is associated with my new Internet journal, Altered Scale

Altered Scale contains videos by 
Purgatory Hill, led by Grammy-nominated Pat MacDonald; 
National Book Award Winner Nathaniel Mackey; 
an improvised piece by Charles Bernstein, U of PA Donald T. Regan Professor;
Nicole Peyrafitte, performance artist and chef;
Chris Funkhouser and his group grope uSurp;
Vernon Frazer,
and the Zacc Harris Jazz Band. 

All videos, and everything else in the journal, is used with the permission of the artist.

Also in the journal are 

Maria Damon—poet, scholar, U of MN Professor
Jonathan Brannen—poet & songwriter
Ann Bogle—fiction writer
John Colburn—fiction writer, poet, publisher
Elizabeth Burns—author of the novel Tilt
Terry Folz—poet
Greg Hewett—poet & Carleton College Professor
Sun Yung Shin—Asian American Literary Award winner for poetry
Sarah Fox—poet & publisher
Nate McCay—poet & reading series curator
Mark Wallace—author of The Quarry and the Lot
Wang Ping—poet, fiction writer, photographer, MN Book Award Winner
Oscar Sparrow—English performance poet
Chris Funkhouser—NJIT Professor
I am getting a little tired of typing names, so here are the rest without the little bios (no offense intended)

Larissa Shmailo, Sheila E. Murphy, Grant Grays, Peter Ganick, Felino A. Soriano, Terry Folz, Hoa Nguyen, Greg Hewett, Sun Yung Shin, Bruce Holsapple, Sara Brickner, Geoffrey Gatza, Jill Chan, Nate McCay, Gail Lukasik, Heather Fuller, Colin James

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