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Thursday, March 24, 2011


stretching the edge
of sometime
and drizzling down the
commuted statement —
almost anyone forgot
her exact debt
and the world slightly
crumbled on her

bending the given
of thin
and coming down on the
questioned core —
someone surrendered
his assigned place
and his status
ever so slightly curbed

crawling under the roofs
of anywhere
and dressing down the
extra ones —
strangers peeped out
of almost all
places and their lives
seemed almost cheap

cycloning the fence
of hazard
and wishing down
the segment of core —
a shadow whipped
out a weapon
that was a
mere shadow too

monkeying on the bars
of nowhere
and hoping for somewhere
to materialize just for you —
the words end here
but not the bite
the momentum

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